Scarborough Redevelopment

Project leadership of strategy, visioning, procurement planning and master planning for the Scarborough Beach Redevelopment Project.


Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority (MRA)

Construction cost

$52 million

Key personnel

Andrew Harvey and Steven Moran (view team profiles)


This project is a government-led urban revitalisation project in a high-risk environment, requiring an appropriate understanding and consideration of the political, environmental, cultural and financial setting in which the project is delivered.

HQ Management provided a Project Director role in the development of a project strategy, visioning, procurement planning and delivery of the Master Plan.

Services provided

The scope of services included consultant procurement and management, risk management, board reporting and engagement and stakeholder consultation and reporting. In addition to ongoing project directorship and management, the following key deliverables were included:

  • Procurement and management of multidisciplinary consulting team
  • Procurement and implementation of initial design and construction works contracts
  • Comprehensive stakeholder consultation with varied government, business and community groups
  • Preparation of initial draft concepts
  • Preparation and costing of initial plan.


This project has recently been publicly supported by the Premier as a project of high State importance.


Filipe Vieira
Senior Project Manager
Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority
08 6557 0700

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