Onslow Airport

Design and construction of the Onslow airport including the terminal building, airside lots, fuel farm, water, sewer, drainage, carparking and roadworks, landscaping, electrical and lighting.


Onslow Airport

Construction cost

$13 million

Key personnel

Kevin Pickering, Andrew Harvey and Steve Moran (view staff profiles)

Services provided

The Onslow airport terminal building construction was partially complete when HQ Management was requested to assist. External services had not been designed or connected, structures were incomplete, parking and landscaping was not designed in parallel and internal building fit out had not commenced. Other key features including fire fighting, generation management system for solar array, baggage handling and screening systems were interface issues to be managed concurrently.

HQ Management was commissioned to assist the Executive Manager Infrastructure Services by providing governance advice, project management assistance, design management, construction management and oversight and procurement advice to ensure the terminal works and external works were coordination to reduce cost overrun, risk and programme slip.

HQ Management quickly gained the confidence of all stakeholder parties, demonstrated contract administration, time and budget savings and enabled timely completion to the satisfaction of the Shire.


  • Quality working relationships quickly built with Shire, Chevron and the Department of State Development
  • Worked with Shire and Chevron to scope and prepare designs and tender documents for key ancillary features and technical disciplines
  • Interface issues identified and managed (roads, infrastructure, airfield, drainage)
  • Negotiations with servicing and infrastructure agencies on behalf of the Shire and achieved timely service infrastructure designs and approvals
  • Presentations made to Council meetings and Onslow Industry Forum, including responses to elected member and media enquiries
  • Managed complex rectification of D&C building contract issues, conflicts and claims, and demonstrated substantial savings to the Shire
  • Proactive risk identification and management.


Troy Davis
Executive Manger Infrastructure Services
Shire of Ashburton
Email: troy.davis@ashburton.wa.gov.au
Phone: 0419 041 518

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