Oakajee Port & Rail

Project managementĀ of the railway aspects of the 570 km rail project proposal by Oakajee Port and Rail.


Department of Treasury

Construction cost

$180 million

Key personnel

Andrew Harvey (view team profiles)


From 2009 to 2014, HQ Management represented the State as Project Manager MidWest on freight rail and infrastructure related issues. Responsibilities included facilitation of approvals, technical issues assessment, due diligence and contracting strategy on behalf of the State of Western Australia for railway aspects of the 570 km rail project proposal by Oakajee Port and Rail. HQ Management provided technical reviews and assisted other State agencies with the preparation of implementation agreements, lease documentation, Ministerial and Cabinet reporting, technical issues and mapping for draft legislation, and coordination of compulsory access processes.

Services provided

The following scope of services was delivered within the Department of Treasury’s systems, processes and reporting requirements:

  • Project direction, management and reporting to Executive Director
  • High level communications e.g. Ministerial and Cabinet briefings, media statements, reporting at executive meetings
  • Facilitation of high level stakeholder workshops
  • Coordination of consultants and continued engagement
  • Development of property law and land tenure applications, project agreements and deeds
  • Establishment of communication and meeting regimes, including external agencies
  • Technical design reviews
  • Facilitation of State and Federal environmental, and aboriginal heritage approvals
  • Construction surveillance as State representative
  • Assistance to Department’sĀ Corporate Solicitor and inputs to various implementation agreements, lease documentation, preparation of legislation, coordination of feasibility access, compulsory acquisition, title issue and leasing processes.


Budget and delivery time-frames met State requirements, and the State incurred no State initiated project variations, nor delay costs for the project.

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